What Is The Reason For The Led Flashing? How To Solve?

Jul. 07, 2020

What is the reason for the Energy Saving Led Lamp flashing? If you want to solve the flashing problem, you must find the right cause before you can completely improve it. Today, the Energy Saving Led Lamp Manufacturer will introduce the reasons for the flashing of Energy Saving Led Bulb and the solutions!

Reason one: Zero FireWire is reversed. Under normal circumstances, after the zero live wire is led out from the distribution box, the zero wire should lead to the lamp junction box and the live wire to the switch junction box. That is, the switch should control the on-off of the live wire. If the connection is reversed, the switch controls the on and off of the neutral wire, which will cause voltage to exist at both ends of the lamp. In this way, the live wire will produce a weak current with the ground, and this current will cause flicker for the more sensitive fluorescent lamps and LED lamps. Solution: Change the direction of the zero fire line in time.

Cause two: The voltage is unstable. This phenomenon occurs because someone uses a super-powered electrical appliance, causing this cause. Solution: reduce the use of high-power at home.

Cause three: Poor contact with the power supply. This is a problem caused by the aging of the line, or the line has been bitten by the mouse.

Reason four: The lifespan has expired or is broken. Solution: directly replace the new one! When you change it, you can see how much gas it is. It is better to change it to a larger one.

Led Down Light 10W Safety Indoor PC Aluminum Light white warm Light

Led Down Light 10W Safety Indoor PC Aluminum Light white warm Light

Reason five: The switch has indicator lights. The indicator light on the switch is still on when the switch is off. This part of the current, accumulated through the capacitor in the lamp starter, will cause the lamp to flicker. Solution: Remove the indicator light in the switch or replace the switch.

Reason six: induced current. Common in places with dense electrical wires, such as balconies and storage rooms. If these wires are close to the lamp wires, or the wires carry high-power electrical appliances, such as water heaters, etc. An induced current is generated, causing the lamp to flash. The impact of this reason is greater for LED lights, because LED lights are more sensitive. Solution: A contactor coil can be connected in series at the position of the lamp to eliminate the weak current in the line.

The switch does not move. Whether the switch cannot be turned off after being turned on or cannot be turned on after being turned off, it should be considered that the internal spring of the switch is damaged. The up and down push of the switch relies on the internal spring. If the spring is damaged or misaligned, it may cause the switch to not move or fix. It can be solved by replacing the new switch.

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